Glacier Lakes Bass Club

Glacier Lakes Bass Club was established so anglers of all levels of expertise could have an equal opportunity to participate in the camaraderie of supporting BASS fishing as a major sport.  Our club supports conservation of our beautiful lakes, the passing down of our love of fishing to our youth, and overall good sportsmanship among friends that fish.  Our club also gives back to the community by hosting a Charity Open Tournament each year that sponsors a local charity organization.

Many of our members are also members of the military.  We fully support our American Soldiers both at home and abroad.  We are proud to have so many of these fine people in our club.

As a club we encourage open communication, new ideas, positive attitudes, and friendly competition.

We meet the third Tuesday of the month at the Big Boy restaurant in Adrian, MI. October - April.  Meetings begin at 6:30pm.

President/Treasurer, Kevin Hoag; Vice-President, Ben Barrus; Activities/Tournament Director, Craig Dahlin; and Secretary, Steve Emery